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The Dynamics of Corporate Power & How to Do Research on Corporations

George Draffan has provided research and training services to citizens and public interest groups for 20 years.
He is the author of several corporate power primers, research manuals, and books available at


The Dynamics of Corporate Power

Explore the mechanisms and institutional structures that allow corporations to gain and maintain the power to dominate our economic, political, and personal lives in ways that diminish small business opportunities, consumer health and safety, and community and workplace democracy. Topics include: 

  legal mechanisms: corporate charters, corporate personhood, limited liability

  economic & political mechanisms: political money, privatization, subsidies

  social mechanisms: public relations, media, propaganda, consumerism

  the range of activist campaigns & strategies for fighting back

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George Draffan

How to Do Research on Corporations

Learn the methods and resources for investigating corporations and corporate power. This workshop is designed for campaigners, journalists, organizers, and others who need practical training for:

  piercing the corporate veil of holding companies & subsidiaries

  identifying corporate directors & shareholders

  uncovering interlocks with public officials

  using corporate annual reports & proxy forms to in activist campaigns

  tracking a corporation's environmental, labor, & regulatory record

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