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Activist Research Manual: corporate research basics

Activist Research Manual for the Global Timber Industry

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Agribusiness buying organic foods companies

Agribusiness Corporations, U.S. Private

Agribusiness Corporations, U.S. Public

Banks, U.S.

Boeing profile

Boise Cascade profile and Boise Cascade overseas

Bowater profile

Campbell Group profile

Catelllus profile

Citigroup profile

Clearinghouse on Forests & Corporations has its own site index

Contacting public officials

The Corporate Consensus: A Guide to the Institutions of Global Power 

Part 1: The Dynamics of Corporate Power
Part 2: Profiles in Corporate Power

Corporate criminals: million dollar fines & settlements

Corporate mergers

Corporate mergers in forest products and paper

Corporate profiles


see also Directory of Transnational Corporations 

Boise Cascade
Campbell Group
Crown Pacific
Exxon Mobil
International Paper
Longview Fibre
Plum Creek Timber
Salt River Project
Sierra Pacific Industries
Union Carbide

Corporate profile / power map elements

Corporate research basics

Corporate subsidies 

Subsidies to fossil and nuclear fuels

Studies on corporate subsidies

Private profits, public costs (accounting for externalized costs of industry)

Corporations: directory

Corporations ranked by size (all industries)

Corporations ranked by size (various industries)

Corporations ranked by size (forest and paper products industry)

Corporations and labor

Crisis and change

Crown Pacific profile

Deforestation rates by country

Directory of Transnational Corporations

Ecological Footprint of Nations

Endgame project

Energy and transportation subsidies

Environmental justice principles

Floral greens industry

Forests & Corporations 

Activist groups

Activist Research Manual

Corporate mergers

Corporate profiles

Corporations cutting U.S. national forests

Floral greens industry

Indonesian Paper and Wood Products Imported to U.S.

Maps of old growth forest

Maps of railroad land grants and corporate timberland ownership

Pacific Northwest: facts about the industry

Pacific Northwest: log and chip exports

Pacific Northwest: public versus corporate cut

Global trade statistics

Global trade flows in U.S. dollars

Global trade in lumber

Global Timber Titans (case studies) 

Globalization of Timber (intro)  

Global trade in raw logs

Globalization of wood and paper industry

Pacific Rim trade

Pacific Rim trade in plywood

Pacific Rim trade in tropical logs

Pacific Rim trade in U.S. dollars

Pacific Rim trade in wood pulp

Pacific Rim trade in woodchips

Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMO)

Timberland owners

U.S. National Forest Cut, by Region, 1950-1996

Top Purchasers, by Region, 1994-1998

Top 50 Purchasers, 1991-2000

Largest Purchasers, 2001-2003

Top 25 Purchasers, FY 2004

Top 50 Purchasers, FY 2005

Region 1 Top Purchasers, 1991-2001

Region 6 Top Purchasers, 1991-2001

Region 6 Top Purchasers, FY 2004

Region 8 Top Purchasers, 1991-2001

Boise Cascade Timber Purchasees, 1991-2000

Weyerhaeuser Timber Purchases by Region, 1991-2003

Weyerhaeuser Timber Purchases, Listed, 1991-2003


Free trade



Glacier Northwest

Global Timber Titans 

Government officials, contact list

Halliburton profile


Incorporation of the Organic Food Industry

Indonesian Paper and Wood Products Imported to U.S.

Industrial Disasters

Industrial Sectors, Sources of Information on

Industries, Companies Ranked

Interfor profile

International Paper profile and International Paper overseas

Internet research links

Investigating Corporate Power workshops

The Land Lords 

100 largest private (non-corporate) landowners in the U.S.

top timberland owners

Facts about land ownership

Longview Fibre profile

Louisiana-Pacific profile

Maps of old growth forest

Maps of railroad land grants and corporate timberland ownership

Monopoly: corporate mergers

Microsoft profile

Moore, Patrick -- profile

Oil Industry: Information Resources

Oil and other fossil fuel subsidies

Oil sands / tar sands

Oil Spills

Oil wars

Oil War News

Old-growth forest remaining in the U.S. (statistics)

Old-growth forest remaining in the U.S. (map)

Old-growth forrest remaining in the world


Organic Food Industry

Petroleum Corporations, World

Plum Creek Timber 


The Owners of Plum Creek

Acquisition of Georgia-Pacific's timberlands

Plum Creek's real estate developments

Online research links

Primer on Corporate Power 

History of corporate power


Facts on wealth

Quotes about corporate power


So What Do We Do Now?

Groups fighting corporate power

Public land timber purchasers

Publications and Books for Sale

Research links

Research Manual

Research Manual: corporate research basics

Research Manual for the Global Timber Industry

Research services & training

Railroads & Clearcuts Campaign

Shareholder activism contacts

Sierra Pacific Industries profile

Sierra Pacific Industries protests


Subsidies to fossil and nuclear fuels

Estimates of total corporate subsidies

Timberland owners

Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMO)

Transportation and energy subsidies

Trillium profile

Umpqua land exchange

Union Carbide 


Weapons Manufacturers

Westvaco profile



Corporate Profile

Origin in the Public Railroad Land Grants

Timberland Empire

Real Estate Empire

Cutting Jobs at Home, Cutting Forests Overseas (Global Timber Titans report)

Weyerhaeuser Buys MacMillan Bloedel

National Forest Timber Purchases 1991-2002

Purchases by US Forest Service Region and Year

Timber Theft Task


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